Unstable by Studio Mango Will Make You Second Guess Effectiveness

 - Nov 9, 2011
References: studiomango.nl
A table has one job really, which is to provide its user with steady level elevated surfaced. Unstable by Studio Mango visually knocks out the first of these criteria leaving the owner to question the reliability of the piece as a whole.

But it is of course an optical illusion, for the designers behind the eccentric dining table assembled it quite securely -- or did they? The four legs look to be composed of rotating stacked cubes, resting hazardously one block above another, five strong in height and all supporting the weight of a rectangular tabletop evenly.

One might assume that Unstable by Studio Mango was constructed so that each of the precarious pillars were fixed carefully in place, however the thought of it performing a balancing act makes the piece of furniture all the more fascinating.