The Flashed Face Distortion Technique is Mind-Bending

 - May 24, 2012
References: mbthompson & neatorama
Using the flashed face distortion technique, Matthew B. Thompson has released a follow-up to his viral video 'Pretty Girls Turn Ugly.' The new video, which features the same illusion but with more recognizable famous faces, is addicting.

The video works by having a viewer simply stare at a cross in the centre of two celebrity photos. The celeb pictures are not distorted in any way, but definitely take a new shape when viewed in peripheral. Similar to one of the Macbook Photo Booth effects, the results are hilarious. Almost too simple to be true, the ingenious videos won the 'Best Illusion of The Year' award.

There's nothing better than seeing a larger-than-life celebrity brought down to earth, and this viral-ready video does a great job of that.