From Inside-Out Body Campaigns to Projected Publicity

 - Jan 18, 2013
Flash mobs gained popularity in 2011, but in 2012 publicity stunt trends show viral, tech-infused, boundary-pushing initiatives on part of the most creative ad agencies and sometimes, brand-obsessed consumers out there.

It's a great time for branded stunts, as it's almost guaranteed that, given your stunt is odd enough, it will be recorded, put online and thus, drive tons of organic word-of-mouth marketing to your brand. Trend Hunter saw loads of viral stunts this year, including the memorable inside-out body campaigns, ambient zombie stunts, googly-eyed crosswalks and steamy male-stripping flash mobs.

Though the option to develop new technology for advertising your brand and buying ad space is still available, these publicity stunt microtrends may convince you that this affordable, effective and most of all fun method of marketing is what's best. To get a more in-depth idea of what this could mean for your brand, check out the Trend Hunter Publicity Stunt Trend Report.