Simon Spurrier Recites Made-Up Swear Words

To promote his book titled A Serpent Uncoiled, Simon Spurrier recites the most hilarious made-up curses of all time.

Spurrier is a crime novelist who feels his latest novel didn't get the attention he thinks it deserves. As he recites vulgarities, he also holds up signs that describe what drove him to make the video. Sadly, Spurrier says he had to share the book's launch party with his friend's birthday party and no one gave him any attention for his novel. Simon Spurrier knows that people like profanity, so he gives the people what they want by listing off pharses such as "donkey fetishsizing voodoo zombie" and "I have you seen you coughing animal custard."

Spurrier's approach to book promotion is absolutely hysterical and he is sure to get some more attention after this.