Julius von Bismarck 'Punishment' Project Cracks at the Earth's Landmarks

A possible idea if you're bored and looking to do something crazy involving a lot of traveling and visiting famous landmarks of the world is the Julius von Bismarck 'Punishment' project. All you'll need is a long whip, a camera and a safe to lock your dignity away until you're back.

Bismarck went around the world to Switzerland, South America and the United States to whip certain well-known traits from each country into shape. For example, he took on the waves of the Atlantic ocean and cracked down on the famous statue of Jesus in Rio de Jeneiro. Another one of his images depicts him whipping a tall peak. The sheer audacity behind traveling the world with a whip is what has got this project such great attention. The Julius von Bismarck Punishment photo set and videos will do well in teaching audiences how to think outside the box.