'Sweet Tweet' is Uniform's Marketing Twist for Gaining Followers

 - Jan 23, 2012
References: uniform.net & adweek
Accumulating more Twitter followers has never tasted so good, thanks to British agency Uniform’s new Sweet Tweet philosophy. Uniform is a British communications agency that has found a brilliant new way to garner followers, and therefore increase its virtual voice. Using Sweet Tweet, Uniform is now a company many -- even those who have no interest in branding -- know and associate with fun and creativity.

Sweet Tweet is a gumball machine that is hooked up to a computer which emits a gumball each time someone follows the company on Twitter. After registering a follow, the cuckoo looking atop of the machine lets out a whoot, and the gumball falls down a series of shoots reminiscent of the children's game 'Mousetrap’ where it then come to a halt and an employee enjoys the sweet taste of Twitter followers.

Uniform should be credited with creating a new venture in which customers and followers can feel a part of a brand, this one courtesy of Sweet Tweet puts a sugary twist on viewer engagement.