New York LOOK! Campaign Wants to Make the Streets of the City Safer

 - Sep 29, 2012
References: pentagram & fastcodesign
The New York LOOK! Campaign strives to get pedestrians to stop fiddling with their cellphones and iPods while they are crossing the street and pay attention to their surroundings.

The surge in countless preventable traffic accidents due to people being distracted motivated the Transportation Commissioner of New York to use more visual safety-enforcing methods. Janette Saik-Khan and her fellow associates approached Michael Bierut’s Pentagram Team to design the ads for the New York LOOK! campaign. Pentagram’s design makes the word "look" into an aggressive warning, with googly eyes for the letter O and an exclamation to stress importance. The statement can be found spray painted on crosswalks across New York City.

The hope is that seeing the phrase "look" will remind absent-minded pedestrians to pay attention. The campaign also features photos of people looking, which are plastered on buses and taxicabs.