The DUS Architects Bubble Building is Strikingly Fragile

 - May 16, 2012
References: & dezeen
If you have ever felt the need to burst someone's bubble, take a step into the DUS Architects Bubble Building. The temporary pavilions were constructed as part of the ZigZagCity Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The bubble building is comprised of 16 hexagon-shaped pools and metal bars, dipped into a soapy solution. As patrons lift the bar upwards, the citizen sitting inside is surrounded by the soapy, iridescent wall. The surreal scene is striking to observe from both inside and outside the bubble structure.

This fleeting construction is not only exquisite, but comes with an evocative message concerning Rotterdam's economy. The fragile and temporal nature of the pavilion is synonymous to the bursting economic bubble. The walls require a collective effort to be erected. Similarly, cooperation and community are necessary to rebuild a struggling economy. The DUS Architects Bubble Building is a sublime experience with a powerful underlying message.

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