- Sep 5, 2014
The ability to capture great detail at a microscopic scale makes these artful diorama examples incredibly impressive. Whether you're an avid art fan or a lover of miniature collectibles and curiosities, you are sure to appreciate these charming creations.

These miniature worlds range from food-made dioramas that look at fruit and vegetable snacks in an imaginative way to understated diorama sculptures that pay tribute to Modernist art pieces.

A memorable example from this list is artist Arnaud Deroudilhe's 'Playtime Photoshop' series. This captivating image series boasts artful diorama depictions that are created using the art of superimposing.

Another notable mention goes to Luxembourg artist Wuppes who creates 3D paper sculptures that are crafted to resemble retro arcade games like 'The Legend of Zelda' and 'Sam & Max' among others.

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