Swedish Artist Johanna Martensson Comments on the Impermanence of Mankind

 - Apr 24, 2013
References: johannamartensson.se & fastcoexist
Johanna Martensson, an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden, envisions a decaying city made out of bread. Clearly commenting on the impermanence of manmade structures specifically and of life in general, her work addresses the touchy subject of humankind's (arguably) short-lived reign on earth.

Essentially, Johanna Martensson built a general cityscape out of bread, with tall buildings and everything, and then photographed it for six months. The result is a disgusting series of mold and decay. Although she paints a scary picture, Johanna Martensson writes, "What is behind it or what will happen when the decor moulds might not be a coming apocalypse but the creation of a new process." Her project won an A’ Design Award.