From Crucial Fruit Campaigns to Homeless Fable Character Ads

 - Aug 2, 2013
Fables aim to impart important lessons upon their readers and marketers have exploited that with their fairytale campaigns. Incorporating fairytale themes in promotions allows advertisers to piggyback off of existing stories. Since many fables are no longer under copyright protection, they are perfect vehicles for brand messages. This list contains examples of interactive campaigns, print advertisements and commercials that incorporate fairytale themes.

Classic fairytales popularized by Disney have been embedded deep into our collective cultural consciousness. This has prompted marketers to produce ads that incorporate iconic characters such as Snow White, the Little Mermaid, Cinderella and Pinocchio. Promotions like waterproof phone ads and classic fairytale book ads integrate fable themes used by Disney and other content producers to sell a myriad of products.