The McCann Erickson JDate Poster Promotes Serious Relationships

The McCann Erickson JDate poster shows a more realistic side to those classic fairytale stories. Not everyone lives happily ever after, and this advertisement demonstrates that it's time for everyone to start thinking a bit more seriously about the dating game.

Instead of prince charming arriving on a valiant steed to save Rapunzel, he instead decides to use toothpaste to draw a "hilarious" mustache equipped with eye rings. Although the joke is on poor Rapunzel as she rests silently, this embarrassment could extend to innocent daters, according to this McCann Erickson JDate poster. Either way, this ad provides onlookers with humor and a touch of reality in the world of relationships.

Implications - Using humor in advertising is a great way to establish a long-lasting connection with consumers. This way, individuals are more likely to associate later commodities with the emotion of happiness and joy.