The Wusthof Knives Snow White Ad Divulges a Knack for Detail

 - Mar 12, 2011
References: jvm & adsoftheworld
What makes a fairy tale truly bewitching are the minute details of each enchanting event, and the Wusthof Knives Snow White ad shows a great appreciation for every infinitesimal feature of a story -- so much so that the Seven Dwarfs fable has been carved delicately into the peel of an apple.

Taking the symbol of the protagonist's downfall, the Jung von Matt advertising agency exploited the juicy red fruit as an appropriate canvas for this campaign. Divulging the finesse of the kitchen blade and the painstaking incisions it can make, the peeled picture of the young girl in an elaborate gown, surrounded in dainty blossoming branches, is enough to demonstrate such precision.

Reminding cooks that culinary skills can be equated with artistic talent, the Wusthof Knives Snow White ad makes you think twice before taking a bite -- something the girl herself should have done.