Literacy Foundation Ads

This poignant campaign from the Literacy Foundation for the tenth anniversary of 'The Gift of Reading' shows fallen fairytale heroes. Cinderella, Peter Pan, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, a dwarf, and Hansel (sans Gretel) are all in a hospital/assisted living center. Their drawn faces and empty stares are soulless and unnerving.

With a tag line "When you don't read, imagination disappears," the ads by Bleublancrouge channel the moment in 'Peter Pan' where Tinkerbell has been poisoned and can only be saved if people clap to show their belief in her.

Gaëtan Namouric, the executive vice president and creative director of Bleublancrouge, hammers home the campaign by emphasizing some of the more direct consequences of illiteracy as it pertains to the creative industry in the quote below.

For the print ad of Peter Pan, art director Frédéric Roux joined creative director Gaëtan Namouric. The television ad was directed by Jean-Michel Ravon with a team that included agency production coordinator Lisa Arduini, director of photography André Turpin, house production by La Fabrique d'Images, and post production by Buzz Images.