From Traditional Trippy Autos to Color-Bursting Cars

 - Oct 25, 2013
These psychedelic car designs will surely catch the eye of any car enthusiast looking to acquire a model that will boldly stand out while cruising along the open road.

While psychedelic features are often associated with distorted and fragmented imagery found in the hippie era, these flamboyantly abstract car designs are bringing those whimsical features back by outfitting automobiles with these colorfully mesmerizing designs. While some drivers may prefer a more sleek and subtle approach to their vehicles, these psychedelic car designs are more for adventurous individuals who aren't afraid to showcase their wild and flamboyant personalities.

From technicolor automobile designs to cars that feature trippy graffiti prints and whimsical illustrations, these psychedelic car designs will surely make any ordinary cruise around town something that your fellow drivers will surely remember.