The Aurora Train Features an Exterior Color-Changing OLED Panel

 - Nov 15, 2011
References: & designbuzz
The Aurora Train is a futuristic refresher of a centuries-old mode of transportation. The Aurora Train is a colorful train inspired by the aurora borealis and the panther of all things.

The Aurora Train gets its name and unique exterior from the northern lights, whereas its sleek and all-black body comes from the panther. The Aurora Train has a unique body designed with a color-changing OLED board. The board is designed to show everything from digital art to maps, ensuring that the exterior of the train is just as bright and engaging as the inside. The interior of the train is bright and vibrant, bearing much in common with the cabins of Virgin Airline planes. While the classic train (boxy and boring) may still keep chugging along for a few more years, designs such as the Aurora Train can't be kept off the tracks forever.