Lianne Harrison Makes Collage Scenes with Great Depth

 - May 11, 2012
References: lianneharrison & brwnpaperbag
Lianne Harrison creates collages like no other. Though she makes her images using borrowed resources much like other scrapbook lovers, her pictures all feel as though they have a depth to them. This is due to Harrison basically constructing dioramas of her work before photographing her finished results. Shadows are thus produced from natural lighting, which are then captured in final products. Visually, her work stands out from her contemporaries, but rightfully so as she puts forth way more effort than most.

Lianne Harrison is currently based in London and considers, as explained on her website, her primary tools to be her, "scissors, glue sticks and an assortment of found and acquired papers." Already a formidable name in the art community, Harrison has been featured in GQ magazine, House & Garden magazine, Spiral Productions, The Vegan Society and Bobadeg Books.