Pip and Pop Create a Wonderous Installation of Cutesy Creatures

 - Dec 9, 2011
References: flickr & brwnpaperbag
Something tells me that Pip and Pop and famed Japanese artist Takashi Murakami would get along very well. After all, collectively, they seem to be on the same wavelength, creating sculptures and images of super vibrant and cutesy creatures in rich, imaginative worlds.

Though they are similar, Pip and Pop do differ from Murakami in the way they present their creations to the public. The critters in this particular exhibit occupy the floor of a gallery where visitors are invited to crouch down and explore each wondrous miniature scene. Think of it as an extended diorama comprised of papercrafts, toys, jelly bean sculptures and porcelain figurines.

My favorite element in this Pip and Pop exhibit though has got to be the pastel clouds on the floors which give the entire piece a cohesive dreamlike feel.