From Detailed Sitcom Dioramas to Lush Mini Hobbit Homes

 - Jun 14, 2013
Creating miniature versions of buildings or film sets is a fantastic way to get a good grasp of the overall visual structure before building it, and these intricately detailed dioramas are some great examples of how far individuals have gone to create these stunning 3D displays.

While dioramas are often associated with what architects create, nowadays ordinary people are creating their own mini versions of cities and film sets as a way to pay tribute to those references and themes in their homes. From dioramas built to reflect the actual set of popular TV shows to those that resemble cityscapes and Sci-Fi movies, these intricately detailed displays are showcasing just how mesmerizing a mini 3D landscape can be.

If you can't build your dream house or visit your favorite destination, then these intricately detailed dioramas of far-off places and popular movie sets are a great alternative to the real thing.