Daniel Barreto Designs Forest Dioramas Fit for Nymphs and Elves

 - Apr 4, 2013
References: dbarreto & beautifuldecay
Daniel Barreto, an illustrator hailing from Massachusetts, United States, has created a set of miniature homes in a nearby forest. Inhabiting the nooks and crannies of trees deep in the woods, they could easily resurrect people's childhood belief in nymphs, fairies and elves. Of course, Daniel Barreto's creations are works of art rather than real dwellings.

More than that, Daniel Barreto reveals that it is a "series of photo-manipulation [he's] making combining parts of houses on trees." Clever, imaginative and realistic, Daniel Barreto has converted the images into gifs to convey a sense of life through flickering lights. As Beautiful Decay poses, it begs "the question, 'Who built this house and how do they exactly live here?'"