Man with Axe by Liliana Porter Revolves Around a Large Wreckage

 - May 1, 2012
References: lilianaporter & mymodernmet
The Man with Axe diorama depicts a little man on a rampage. Armed with an axe, as its title obviously states, this toy figurine is set on destroying his past, one object at a time. While her past dioramas have often revolved around the idea of creation, whether the protagonists are knitting wondrous fabrics or constructing sturdy walls, Man With Axe is the complete opposite.

Created by New York-based Argentinian artist Liliana Porter, Man with Axe is currently on display at the Hosfelt Gallery. The figurine in a suit leaves behind wreckage that is significantly larger than his small frame. Porter writes, "These 'theatrical vignette' are constructed as visual comments that speak of the human condition. I am interested in the simultaneity of humor and distress, banality and the possibility of meaning."