Abigail Goldman’s Small Diorama Displays Death and Tourture

 - May 16, 2013
References: abigailgoldman
The experiences from her past work is what Abigail Goldman used to create these small diorama designs, which are about death and murder.

Appropriately named ‘Die-o-Ramas,’ the miniature death scene dioramas were inspired by Goldman’s career as a crime reporter. Goldman is able to create grizzly and horrendous scenes of decapitations and torture from knowledge she’s acquired throughout her career as a crime reporter. I’m very curious to find out which one of the dioramas was taken from a real murder scene. From lawn mower murders to tiger maulings, the dioramas all house this captivating morose nature to them.

Each diorama is more gruesome and grotesque then the next, but the sleek polishing and clean design makes the dioramas quite intriguing.