From Unfortunate Engagement Snaps to Inappropriate Funeral Selfies

 - Jan 3, 2014
The Internet trends in 2013 show the versatility of the web. Online, people can teach themselves how to do virtually anything via tutorials, dive deep into any random topic on any search engine, and essentially let their stream of consciousness run wild on forums. Now that the web is the main form of global communication, consumers are taking advantage of all opportunities online.

Web communication took a turn for the visual in 2013. Everything from the Internet's normal schadenfreude to instant messaging became photo-based, as seen with the unfortunate engagement photo blog mocking odd couples of photos, to the increasingly popular Snapchat. Most notably, the inappropriate funeral selfies made huge waves.

Ultimately, what happens in Internet culture is more of a reflection of a generation than any other media form. Keep up with the fast pace of the web with our Internet Trend Report.