Mattias Adolfsson Has a New Batch of Great Moleskine Sketches

 - Feb 6, 2013
References: mattiasa.blogspot & neatorama
Mattias Adolfsson knows a thing or two about making amazing Moleskine sketches. He's been doing it for years, and he's just released a new batch on his blog that may be his best work yet.

Moleskine refers to the ubiquitous brand of notebooks in Europe that features specific rulings bound in a specially coated cardboard and an elastic band to keep the book closed. But we're looking at his insanely detailed pencil sketches inside the notebooks. Whether the Swedish artist drawing an organ with countless knobs, a cramped circuit board or a packed squid bar you can't help but stare and notice all the tiny details he's packed into the drawings. My personal favorite is the book on a scientist's shelf that simply reads "A Big Book."

Adolfsson has just released his first book of sketches that is available through his blog.