These Kama Sutra Bed Positions is Something Couples Can Relate To

There are many various bed positions that couples get themselves into during sleep periods. These illustrations from the ChaosLife website feature true-to-life depictions of various sleeping arrangements that couples can relate to.

Created by A. Stiffler of ChaosLife website, 'The Kama Sutra of Sleeping for Couples' showcases various humorous poses that couples find themselves in when they go to sleep with each other. Couples who see these illustrations will attest to many of the positions depicted in Stiffler's drawings. The 'Pillow of Heaven,' 'The Cold War,' 'The Zombie Attack,' and 'The Pervert' are all positions that couples can relate to -- The Pervert being one of my favorites.

Showing these illustrations to a couple that sleeps together will surely provide them with some humor, due to the comedic truth behind these drawings.