The Monsters of the Pokemon Franchise are Depicted with Cute Moustaches

 - Apr 22, 2013
The Pokémon franchise has been re-shaped and re-formed more times than any other Hollywood starlet, but unlike celebrities, the Pokémon franchise still holds on to many of its core origins.

Moustaches were popular illustrations used in vandalizing certain depictions of people, but now moustaches are used for just the sake of having a moustache, which is perplexing and cute at the same time. Illustrator Nicholas Poulos has created these faceless Pokémon depictions with moustaches, which is entitled 'The Dignified Gentlemon.' The illustration features the first generation of Pokémons such as Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur.

There's no detail as to why the Pokémon depictions are faceless or have moustaches, maybe the artist is taking some sort of political stance about the faceless figures of corruption or maybe the artist simply likes putting moustaches on Pokémon characters.