- Jan 26, 2014
Plush playthings are a timeless toy for people from all walks of life and all ages can enjoy.

There's something about the snuggliness of a plush toy that just brings out the best in us. From popular pop culture bears stuffed with the softest innings to eco-friendly animal friends with cuddly fur, these playthings make the perfect companion and/or addition to your already super stacked collection. Plushies inspired by iconic gaming apps like 'Angry Birds' are the perfect bed side buddy for any intense gamers while the high-fashion plush toys are ideal for the fierce fashionistas who can't hug their vintage Chanel while they sleep.

Whether it's sitting a top your dresser or cuddling you at night, plush playthings are an irresistible toy.

From Villainous Vampire Teddy Bears to Cuddly Cacti: