Clump-O-Lump by Knock Knock are Creatively Customizable

 - Apr 26, 2012
References: knockknockstuff & core77
Clump-O-Lump by Knock Knock is a collection of plush toys that can be mixed and matched to create new stuffed animal species. For instance, the Tig-o the Tiger can be combined with Bee-o the Bee for a mammal-insect hybrid that is still cute and cuddly. The toys can be taken apart and customized thanks to zippable body parts that attach and detach at whim.

Comprised of six different animals, Clump-O-Lump by Knock Knock encourages imaginations and inspires creativity. The Venice, California-based company states, "While the animals each have their own unique identities [...]each child will have the ability to use his or her imagination to create new creatures by mixing and matching Clump-o-Lumps and making up original stories about them." The toys were conceived by Max Knecht.