Tim Heitz’s Showcases Comic Book Heroes in an Abstract For

 - May 15, 2013
References: timheitz.blogspot
Comic book characters were naturally depicted as robust individuals, but Tim Heitz over emphasizes the physical demeanor of comic book heroes in his series of drawings.

The California-based animator illustrates the characters of DC and Marvel with over-the-top muscular protrusions with the exception of Catwoman. Titled ‘Super People,’ the depictions of these comic book heroes showcase an array of mashed-up abstract, tech pop art.

It’s funny how the characters posses the similar physical characteristics of men who use steroids—take into account their almost non-existent necks for example. I’m sure though that’s not what Heitz had in mind when he created these superhero depictions.

The stylized superhero depictions could go perfectly in any fanboy’s room, adding an artsy touch to a somewhat mocked genre.