'Pokemon Fusion' Creates New 8-Bit Hybrid Monsters

 - May 23, 2013
References: pokemon.alexonsager.net
'Pokemon Fusion' is a creation by web developer Alex Onsager that takes 8-bit drawings of Pokemon and automatically creates new hybrids. The generator combines the appearances and names of beloved Pokemon like 'Drowzee' and 'Venonat' to create 'Drownat,' a new Pokemon that resembles both a tapir and an insect.

Outside of the website, the generator has captured the attention of communities on Tumblr and DeviantART, as artists turn these mashed-up monsters into more sophisticated digital works of art. As well, the generator has inspired fan-created games in the style of official releases from the franchise that let users battle these new hybrid Pokemon. The only bad news is that it will be even more difficult to "catch them all" now.