The Lovelysally Leggings Features Internet Meme-Worthy Cats

 - May 6, 2013
References: store.lovelysally & incrediblethings
If you’re searching for the perfect pair of summer pants, these Lovelysally leggings will solve all of your fashion problems. These super cute leggings feature printed pictures of cats with lasers shooting out of their eyes and an upside down cross on their heads.

These edgy kitten pants are skin tight just like ski pants, so they will show off your summer beach body perfectly. The leggings are made in Italy and retail at a pretty reasonable price and are made entirely from Lycra and polyester. Team them with a leather bomber jacket this summer for music festivals, or just going to the shops.

Lovelysally is a style-savvy Italian brand that sells a range of leggings and swimwear. The creators behind Lovelysally say, "We believe that life is for fun, partying and celebrating!"