The 'Great Art in Ugly Rooms' Tumblr Puts Famous Paintings in Awful Places

The 'Great Art in Ugly Rooms' Tumblr is a single topic blog that shows famous paintings, sculptures and installations in terrible environments. Art adds a wonderful dimension to interior spaces, but it's unfortunate when the beauty of a piece of work is detracted because of where it's placed.

Art-lovers will cringe at some of the placements of works by famed artists like Damien Hirst, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Donald Judd and Cindy Sherman. This Tumblr blog puts prized artworks in awful locations, like behind toilets and in fast food restaurants. Thankfully, you can let out a huge sigh of relief because these photos have been edited with Photoshop.

It is strange to see these works of art in such ugly places, considering that they're usually only ever seen in museums and beautifully-curated homes.