- Oct 28, 2014
In addition to building a dedicated following online, many influential bloggers have caught the eye of big-name brands and designers, bringing them into the spotlight offline as well as on the web.

Although H&M has been known to collaborate with some of the hottest designers, one of its collections featured 11 pieces designed by Elin Kling, or as she is known online, 'modebloggerska. ' Similarly, Theo and Beau, an adorable toddler and dog that frequently make appearances on the Momma's Gone City blog by Jessica Shyba were recently scouted to appear on the cover of a Land of Nod catalog. Even though some of these blogger names might not sound too familiar, you're bound to have come across some of their content while browsing the web and social media sites, or perhaps somewhere in the real world too.

These Projects Show Influential Bloggers Going Beyond the Web: