Sesame Street Characters Become Hardened Criminals in This Art

Early morning kid shows were a huge part of growing up; Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie were popular Sesame Street characters that many children knew and loved. Kids eventually grow-up and get exposed to the realities of life, so why shouldn't these beloved characters go through the same?

California-based digital artist Dan LuVisi re-imagined these popular Sesame Street characters into hardened criminals. Titled ‘My Brother’s Keeper,’ Bert is Ernie’s older brother who left him to fight in the Vietnam War and throughout Bert’s absence, Ernie began to turn into a junkie. This led Ernie into a life of bad decisions, which led him into getting involved with the wrong people. LuVisi also re-creates Cookie Monster as ‘The Cook,’ where the Cookie Monster is a cookie addict who sells his "products" on ‘The Streets.’