The 'Baguette-Me-Not' Tumblr Swaps Objects with Bread

'Baguette-Me-Not' is a weird and wonderful Tumblr blog that consists of photos of comedians with bread in the place of expected objects. The series shows Kristin Chenoweth getting ready to brush her teeth with a baguette, Ellie Kemper feeding a too-tall baguette into a blender and Jim O'Heir sitting cross-legged and "playing" a bread guitar.

These fun and outlandish captures were created by comedians Tim Bierbaum and John Miller. The pair dubbed these fun and outlandish captures "baguetting," inspired by similarly staged photography memes like "vadering" and "planking."

The combination of known comedians and French bread in unexpected places is a winning one. As this Tumblr's collection of comical images and scenarios grow, 'Baguette-Me-Not' becomes even more outrageous and funny.