Imgurian Haasman Uses Sloth Facing to Transform Famous Faces into Sloths

 - Jun 4, 2013
References: obviouswinner & incrediblethings
Sloth facing is a new Internet fad whereby photoshop-savvy pop culture lovers take iconic images of celebrities and morph their faces until they appear sloth-like. Imgurian Haasman has found some of the best examples of sloth facing and created a hilarious photo series of sloth-like celebrities.

The sloth-faced images range from John Travolta to Robert Downey Jr., from Pulp Fiction to Iron Man 3. Each of these photos will have viewers dying from laughter as their favorite celebs are transformed from glamorous red carpet-ready stars to brooding, long-faced sloths.

Crazes like these tend to stay around for a while on the Internet, and with sloth facing just beginning, there will be plenty more sloth-faced celebs bouncing around the web in the near future. Perhaps sloth facers will even expand outside of movie stars and tackle socialites, musicians and even politicians, which would make for some awesome political memes.