This GIF Complies 40 Years of Yearbook Photos of a Teacher

 - Jul 3, 2013
References: complexmag
Former gym teacher Dale Irby is making quite the wave through the Internet with his yearbook photos GIF. The humorous GIF features a compilation of 40 years worth of yearbook photos of Dale wearing the exact same outfit on picture day, every year.

The tradition started with Dale by accident wearing the same brown cardigan and white paisley button-up shirt on picture day. When his wife noticed, she dared Dale to continue the tradition, and wear the same outfit every year on picture day the rest of his teaching days. A fresh twist on the iconic 365 Project that challenges people to take one photo of themselves a day for a year to document their slight facial changes, Dale Irby's yearbook photos show much larger changes on a yearly bases. Watch the Dale Irby GIF and see as this gym teacher's fashion moves from the 70s into the early 2000s and how he slowly beings to grow older each year.