From Twerking Disney Princesses to Viral Animal Songs

 - Jan 3, 2014
Humor today is Internet-based, resulting in very self-deprecating, downright odd humor trends in 2013. Memorable memes like the Miley Cyrus onesie twerking video and the now-infamous What Does the Fox Say left those who were familiar with web culture in stitches (those who weren't were plain confused).

Cartoon schadenfreude was huge in 2013, with the beloved animated characters of the past taken down a notch through more anatomically accurate depictions of Disney princesses and bobble-headed celebs.

For many, 2013 was about literally wearing your sense of humor on your sleeve, as seen with the wave of reference apparel. T-shirts read sayings like "I'd flex, but I like this t-shirt," or "Obama can't ban these guns" with arrows pointing to the wearer's biceps.

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