These Stripper Sloth Prints Will Spruce Up Boring Living Spaces

 - Aug 1, 2013
References: fancy
A funny sloth print has been posted on Fancy, showing a pole-dancing stripper sloth in a nightclub, leaning off of his/her dancing pole to grab some singles, presumably to fund its off-track life.

The print has a pink hue to it, giving it a neon quality that enhances the sloth's night club-esque attitude. Its lanky, furry body leans comically off of the pole, while dollar bills fly at its face. The sloth's relaxed attitude hilariously offsets the high level of energy permeating to the night club setting, leading to a fun juxtaposition that is sure to cause a chuckle in any one who lays eyes on this cheeky print.

Whether you're living in a dorm room or a five bedroom suburban abode, this stripper sloth print will definitely brighten up your dull walls, and cause quite a stir while doing so.