'Flychelangelo' Creates Humorous Situations Out of Dead Flies

 - Aug 7, 2013
References: designtaxi
In one of the strangest artistic creations I've ever seen, the fly art from 'Flychelangelo' is certainly a distinct piece. Taking the bodies of dead flies, he creates amusing scenarios that depict a humanistic world of flies doing everyday activities.

From waiting in line for the bathroom to riding a horse, the dead fly bodies, while morbid, are actually creatively witty. There's something to be said for the imaginative mind of 'Flychelangelo' when it comes to his macabre fly art. As with most disturbing artwork, there's something captivating to the piece that keeps people scrolling through the many adventures that the flies go on. There's definitely a line when it comes to gruesome artwork, do you think the artist has crossed it here?