These Hilarious Posters Promote Beard Growth with Funny Quotes

 - Jun 25, 2013
References: & inspirefirst
These fantastic posters by 'BeardedGospelMen' use funny quotes to promote and encourage beard growth. Beard humor never gets old and these humorous posters are no exception. These pictures combine beard quotes with minimalist beard-related art work, resulting in some pretty enjoyable wall art.

These posters include drawn beards and in some cases glasses, but no actual faces. Beneath these anonymous bearded figures there are humorous quotes. One of these posters says 'Grow what your father gave you.' Another implies that bearded men with glasses are extremely trust worthy. The best of these facial hair focused posters might be the one that makes a Spider-man joke. This superhero-inspired poster reads "With great beard comes great responsibility."

These awesome beard-promoting posters allow bearded men to wear their pride on their wall.