Fall and Winter Collections Soar at Men’s Fashion Week 2014

 - Feb 24, 2014
Men’s Fashion Week 2014 is in full swing and fall/winter collections are flooding the ravishing runways.

Fall fashion, along with its winter counterpart, has the crowds in an absolute uproar. It's just the mere beginning of Men's Fashion Week 2014 but the fashion featured thus far has been flawless. Designers such as Alexandre Mattiussi have been the first to grace the stages and eyes of fashion fans. So far, the fashionable audience has been exposed to elegant fashion with zero gimmicks and/or Lady Gaga mockery and an array of fur. Well tailored blazers as well as pleated disillusioned dress pants accenting leather jackets also catch the crowd's eye for detail. However, setting the entire event in motion is the line of sophisticated sweaters ranging from pretty pastels to couth cable knits.

Men’s Fashion Week 2014 is definitely off to an outstanding start.