These Images Correct Disney's Overly Large Cartoon Eyes

 - Nov 1, 2013
References: buzzfeed
Over-exaggerated cartoon eyes are one of the best ways to convey expression in animation. Although they can be ridiculously disproportionate in size, seeing them over and over again in cartoons almost makes these exaggerated features seem normal.

This series imagines what Disney princesses might look like if they had normal-sized eyes. The images show "before" and "after" pictures, which puts the original images beside the ones manipulated to be more realistic. Only the eyes in the images have been shrunken down in size to bring the whole face into more of a realistic human-like image.

Instead of looking more natural, some of the "after" pictures seem even more odd. In proportion with the rest of the features on the faces of the female cartoons, the eyes seem comically small, but this is probably just because we've become so familiar with the faces of these Disney princesses.