These Disney and Harry Potter Villains Get Wicked Catch Phrases

An illustrator from deviantART has given wicked catch phrases to several Disney and Harry Potter villains. These include Jafar, Bellatrix, Cruella De Vil and more.

As if these antagonists weren’t bad enough, now they get an evil upgrade to modern quotes perfectly suited to their bad attitudes. Some of the lines given are so wicked that you definitely won’t want any children near them!

Some of the clever (and less cruel) quotes are, "Crazy evil is much more fun than plain evil," for Bellatrix LeStrange and "Morality isn’t black and white," for Cruella De Vil. Jafar’s quote is, "You wish you were this twisted," and Professor Snape’s is, "Good guys shouldn’t always get the girl." All the quotes are so fitting, you can almost hear the character’s voices!