Patrick Strattner’s Prototype Gadgets are Strangely Useful

 - Nov 3, 2013
References: & junk-culture
The ‘Prototype’ collection by Patrick Strattner is inspired by an in-flight publication called SkyMall which showed images of absurd products. This series is a set of bizarre devices that may strangely seem useful to some.

The ‘Prototypes’ series explores the idea of consumerism through invention, to explore the extent to which an individual may need or want something as bizarre as a ‘three-wheeled foot propelled bristle sweeper.’ The collection also includes an automatic upper and lower (full mouth) toothbrush, nighttime shades with automatic dimming headlights and a battery operated back hair shaving and grooming kit.

These products are certainly unique but perhaps prototypes for real goods in the future. Check out a full gallery of Patrick Strattner’s ‘Prototype’ collection on his website.