The Paul Vermeesch Diorama Pays Homage to Artist M.C. Esher

 - Jun 10, 2012
References: io9 & neatorama
M.C. Esher's famous graphic sketch 'Relativity' is beautifully miniaturized and depicted in the Paul Vermeesch Diorama. Inspired by the artistic genius of Esher, Vermeesch created a LEGO brick replica of the iconic illustration. Although he constructed this replica to resemble Esher's original work, he added in personal touches of his own with various scenes from each movie in the Star Wars trilogy.

This replica comes complete with stunningly intricate detailing that includes Luke's severed hand, a collection of forest-dwelling Ewoks, a flustered C-3PO and Obi-Wan distracting a pack of storm troopers. This diorama is fully lit from the inside and has organized the events taking place in it in correspondence with the Star Wars trilogy. According to artist Paul Vermeesch, "this diorama presents the original Star Wars trilogy in a roughly counterclockwise format." On the outside of the diorama a miniature theater filled with casually dressed LEGO figurines are seen watching the Star Wars Saga on the silver screen. This miniature model is sure to attract art-lovers and die-hard Star Wars fanatics as it seamlessly re-creates art, while also including significant Star Wars components.