From Color-Fading DIY Pastries to Cuddly Caramel-Filled Desserts

 - Jun 21, 2013
There are two types of sweets in this world: quick, simple sugar-filled goods for snacking, and elegant, complex-ingredient creations for indulging; these precious baked goods are the latter. When you are in the mood for delicately baked desserts that melt in your mouth and satisfy you deeply you need to enjoy something that has been created, not just made.

These precious baked goods look as elegant and sophisticated as they taste. Using whole ingredients and tested recipes these baked creations are an experience in themselves. Savory, complementary ingredients come together in just the right amounts the moment you taste one of these confections. From famous feline treats to perfect potion pastries, these precious baked goods are so splendid you will never want to go back to the cheap thrills of corner store chocolate bars.