The 'How Sweet It Is' Gin and Tonic Dessert Infuses a Classic Drink

 - Jun 4, 2013
References: howsweeteats
You can have liquor and eat your cake too with this 'How Sweet It Is' Gin and Tonic Dessert. That is because this cake is infused with the alcoholic ingredient of gin and is a more inconspicuous way of enjoying a tart cocktail. There is longer a need for a high-ball glass or some ice to enjoy this drink.

Using gin in your baked goods will definitely make dessert time more interesting. With the normal ingredients you would use for a lemon lime cake, this How Sweet It Is Gin and Tonic dessert is super simple to create. Topped with a gin glaze and gin icing, the alcohol content of this cake will have you feeling a bit of a buzz once you take a bite. Grab a fork, a plate and piece of cake that is intoxicatingly decadent as it is delicious.