These Dexter-Themed Desserts are Deliciously Graphic

 - May 5, 2013
References: cakesandcupcakesmumbai
Normally desserts are supposed to make you hungry and kick yourself for deciding to start a juice cleanse, but Mumbai Cakes and Cupcakes has decided to turn that tradition on its head with bloody cakes.

As a dessert-designing company, MCC will create custom creations to cater to any interest: even serial killers. The company has received several orders for Dexter cakes based on the hit TV drama, and I guess they went for extreme authenticity. One of the cakes shows a rather bloody crime scene, complete with "Do Not Enter" tape and, yes, pools of blood.

Another tasty pastry is a dessert replica of a Dexter "kill room," which involves a victim strapped to a table next to some bulging garbage bags, which may contain human parts.

Fortunately, MCC's Dexter cakes are pretty cartoonish, and good thing too. If they were any more realistic I might have been tempted to start a juice cleanse.