These Sweets Blend Brownies with Cake and Cookie Dough

Guys and gals with a sweet tooth will have no choice but to try out these brownies (which also combines cake and cookie dough). These tasty treats are known as Cake Batter Cookie Dough Brownie Bombs. The title needs work, but it tells sugar fans all they need to know about the recipe.

This delicious bite-sized treat requires ingredients like confetti cake mix, vanilla extract, almond extract, sugar, butter, brownies and both dark and white chocolate. With ingredients like that it’s hard to imagine there’s anyone who wouldn't want to test out this tasty recipe.

To create these sweets, one would need to make the cookie dough from scratch first. Then you would add the cake batter, roll out balls of dough and bake them. From there all you need to know is that they get smothered in chocolate.

This unbelievable brownie recipe is sure to make its way into the hearts of chocolate lovers.